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Quick Heal Security Issues – Tips and Tricks to Resolve the Problems

Quick Heal Security protects you from all kind of cyber threats. It’s a must firewall application for all the user who loves to spend time online. But, it’s a threat to yourself when your Quick Heal Antivirus total security get started to act wired. Of course, it is not something uncommon with any security firewall application. You may face some major problems with Quick heal antivirus.

quick heal security

So, I picked up some major issues faced by the users. I will talk about all the major issues that users are constantly reporting on the internet.

So, let’s check in to the problems.

How to Fix Quick heal Security Bugs?

In order to resolve the issue from the root, it is important that you should have some clear idea about the glitch. These are not the only problem but most frequently expressed over the internet.

Quick Heal Internet Security

If you find it difficult to fix the issue by yourself. You can always connect to our Quick heal Support service for an instant solution. You will get the solution from industries, best-certified engineers.

System Freezing Issue

If you updated your security software then you may face this issue. The possible symptoms of this issue are, your system will freeze while booting, or a black screen will appear on the screen. On the other hand, you may experience a freezing desktop problem. In this case, you will be able to boot the system but it freezes afterward.

You need to restart the computer in a safe mood option. Then after that go to the cache data and clear all files to restart the system. I hope you will not face any problem anymore.

Not Detecting Any Threat

When you are scanning your device for a potential threat, and the security software is not detecting any harmful threats. Then maybe your system is clean or maybe it’s not detecting any. When the Quick heal Security engine is corrupted, you will face this issue. In addition, if the update process is not completed properly or the unwanted interruption has occurred.

To verify the glitch, go the QuickHeal Internet Security dashboard and click on the resolve now option, it will verify the bug. If the issue matches then go the Online security service status and click on start. Go to the command prompt and clean the junk from the Quick heal engine it will resolve the issue.

Unable to Fix the Detected Threats In Quick Heal Security

When the security software detects the harmful threat in your system. However, unable to fix the issue or remove the potential threat. It may be because the version of the software you are using is not up to date. When you are using a third-party security programme it has to be updated. If the firewall is not strong then it will not detect the strong virus.

Updating the software to the latest version will resolve the problem for you. Go to Quick heal Security site and update the software or you can also search for the update manually in the application as well.

Quick Heal Total Security Is Not connecting to the internet

It is one of the most common problems with the security software. There are various reasons causing this issue. If the software is not compatible with the system or the internet connection is not proper then you will face this issue. Sometimes if the software is outdated then it will create problem while trying to connect to the internet.

First, you need to check the internet connection if it’s stable or not. Then check for the compatibility if you recently updated the system. You can find the information online.

You can always connect with our in-house tech support team for a reliable solution. Our skillful software specialist will resolve the issue for you.

To Conclude

These are all the commonly reported Quick Heal Security Problem. You can try these fixes to resolve the issue or you can get connected with Quick Heal Customer Support by dialing the toll-free number. I hope this will work for you. As it worked well for me too. Be sure to let us know if the solutions worked for you or if you tried something new to resolve the issue.

You can write any suggestion if you have in the comment section below. It will be glad to get your valuable feedback.

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