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Comodo Antivirus Problems – Tips To Bypass The Errors

Lately, a number of issues have been reported to be surfaced with the hugely popular Comodo antivirus. The top-rated antivirus product with international exposure also exhibits a few Comodo antivirus problems. Relevant problems can be in the form of anything like an error in installation, creating an account, logging in etc.

The need for antivirus support for your system is evident. Thus, in order to get a secure and stable user experience, you need to troubleshoot all the relevant Comodo antivirus problems.

Take a look at the possible issues and their probable solutions that may work to provide fine results.

Comodo Antivirus Problems


Comodo Antivirus Problems

Issue 1 – Account verification

The most common out of all is the account verification process. It is mainly due to the complexities that are a component along with it.

Comodo antivirus is a free tool to combat the threats and security issues included in your system. Its patented protection features developed with advanced technology at times make the task of logging into user account more difficult.

Make sure to enter your account credentials correctly and in exact case. It is better to include jumbled numerals and letters fused into your password as it makes the password strong. An encoded password is hard to crack and thus it will be one trusted necessity for keeping your account secure.

Issue 2 – Installation

Comodo antivirus problems are evident to come at the place if a user fails to install the device properly into their system. In order to make the process easy and convenient, one needs to make the system software compatible with the antivirus. Installation should always be done after completely removing any possible bug or malicious files out from the system.

Thus, if you are facing any Comodo antivirus problems while installing it, then check for any malicious content already residing in your system.

Issue 3 – Detecting the software

Your antivirus software may as well not get detected by your system and vice-versa if there is any pre-loaded device already attached to your PC. In that case, the existing device will be the default software and thus result in other Comodo antivirus problems.

To troubleshoot this error, make your Comodo antivirus device as the default and sideline the other attached devices interrupting into the way. Make the necessary change in settings and this will probably make the work easier.


Issue 4 – Virus/ Malware

Comodo Antivirus Support Number

A certain kind of crypto mining software can also be responsible for the infestation of your system. It results in Comodo antivirus problems. Hackers infuse the bugs into a system and that makes the trouble of accessing the system with antivirus security a hassle-bound process.



In that case, try to get rid of the pre-existing virus or malware by running a complete scanning and then try to install back your antivirus.

Additional Tip

Try the updating and upgrading option as the basic step for troubleshooting. It works fine everytime whenever any kind of Comodo antivirus problems make its way into your system.

So, that is all one can do on their own as a part of basic troubleshooting means to overcome Comodo antivirus problems. If you are still unable to get rid of the problem, then come to us now. We will help you out with all the best resolutions within our limit. Connect with us today through our Comodo antivirus support number +1-855-624-7506.

Call us anytime and get finest resolutions for any of your antivirus related troubles. We will assist you with installation, upgrade, creating, as well as maintaining your Comodo antivirus account.

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